30 MINUTES: Book 4

“A cop killer on the loose, a missing Congressman who may be connected to the murders, and the discovery of such dark secrets that could get Agent Donnelly and Agent Main killed, lead to the next case in the 30 Minutes Series!”

There’s a cop killer on the streets of Chicago and the murders are piling up. It’s the same killer who shot Police Captain Liam Donnelly and, worst of all, Agent Donnelly isn’t allowed to investigate and help catch the killer, which leads to more murders and a bigger conspiracy. Instead, Agent Donnelly and Agent Main are called upon to investigate the disappearance of a U.S. Congressman. On the surface, their latest assignment seems like a routine missing person’s case, but they start to find that there may be a connection with their case and the cop killer that no one can bring to justice. The deeper they dig, the more secrets, they find, and the bigger the conspiracy grows. That’s when they will find that one of those secrets surrounds Agent Donnelly’s family. Join Agent Donnelly and Agent Main on their next case as they try to find a missing congressman and stop a cop killer while uncovering dark secrets that could affect their careers and their very lives.

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30 MINUTES: Book 3

A gruesome death, a politically motivated murder, and conspiracy that hits too close to home will make the next case for Agent Donnelly and Agent Main, but they will soon find that solving a murder doesn’t guarantee peace!

A Senior Irish Political Official is found dead after leaving a secret meeting in New York City. It’s a brutal death and while it appears to be an accident, some in the Irish Political Party, Sinn Fein, believe it was murder. Agent Gavin Donnelly and Agent Rachel Main are asked to look into it and what they find is that there is nothing ordinary about this death. However, this is just the beginning. The Irish Political Official’s death comes on the heels of a peace summit between the Irish and British Governments that would return North Ireland to the Republic of Ireland. Agent Donnelly sees a conspiracy in the midst while his partner disagrees until other murders start to pop up and are mysteriously linked to each other. But who is committing these murders and why? Can Agent Donnelly and Agent Main catch the killer in time before his next target disrupts the peace summit? The next case in the 30 Minutes Series is a murder wrapped in politics and even when you can see the future, every minute counts when trying to find a killer!

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30 MINUTES: Book 2

Another murder, a deeper conspiracy, and a killer on the run who’s gotten away with it before! Its the next case in the 30 Minutes Series, can this killer be caught before they get away with murder again!

A Federal Judge has been murdered in Chicago; he’s the president’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s a gruesome murder done with an Ancient Chinese execution method. The murder is a warning, but for whom. Agent Gavin Donnelly and Agent Rachel Main are assigned to the case and the leads are thin except for one set of fingerprints…the maid’s. She’s the prime suspect in the murder and has taken the judge’s two young children. But the maid has a dark secret. Twelve years ago she was arrested and tried for the brutal murder of her three-year-old daughter only to be found innocent and set free. All the evidence points to the killer who got away but one agent isn’t entirely convinced that she is the real killer and that she has the answer to why the judge was murdered. Agent Donnelly and Agent Main must find the killer and save the kids before it’s too late! It’s one more piece of the conspiracy. As our two favorite agents are trying to find the answers, somebody else is trying to bury them along with any witnesses.

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30 MINUTES: Book 1

“Murder, Conspiracy, nothing is what it seems!”

Three brutal murders in America’s Midwest uncover a 27-year-old conspiracy. Two FBI agents with different backgrounds are thrown together as new partners to solve the most heinous crimes that Chicago and the surrounding areas have seen in five years. The murders have the profile of a serial killer that was never caught, but Agent Gavin Donnelly and Agent Rachel Main quickly find out that the facts in the case aren’t cut-and-dry. It’s a race against time before the next murder occurs, while trying to solve a conspiracy involving the Chicago Police department and a local mafia family. One agent has a small advantage in solving this case: being able to see parts of the future, but only 30 minutes before things happen. Will they have enough time to solve the case before another victim is found? Even when you see the future, every minute counts!

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Baseball is a way life when you are a Chicago Cubs fan or player. It’s been that way for over a 100 years and that’s never been truer than for the Larson family. Since 1906 a member of the Larson family has played for the Chicago Cubs. Five generations of family have been with the team and apart of their rich history. Throughout the highs and lows in the history of the Chicago Cubs the Larson family have been there, sharing in the memories and intertwining their own lives with the Cubs. The Larson family have shared in the joy of winning, lived through the heartbreak of defeat, but just like the fans that have cheered for the Chicago Cubs since the beginning for the 20th century there is not a better life. In a unique historical fiction story the history of the Chicago Cubs franchise since 1906 is told through the Larson family. Stories From Wrigley is about Paul Larson, George Larson, Jack Larson, Steve Larson, and Ryan Larson – they are the men who played and loved Chicago Cubs baseball for 100 years, making it a way of life.

Stories from Wrigley is Marcus Blake’s enduring story of baseball, family, and the Chicago Cubs told through the men who have played for the team since the early 20th century. The Cubs’ rich history is shown through eyes of the one family who has had five generations play for the team since 1906. You have Paul Larson, the great hitter who played on the 1907 and 1908 championship team. George Larson, who just like his father was great hitter and as well as pitcher, played on the 1938 and 1945 team. Jack Larson, the son of George Larson, was a hall of fame pitcher that played on the 1969 Cubs team. Steve Larson, the wild and gifted pitcher who played on the 1984 and 1989 Cubs team and is the son of Jack Larson. Ryan Larson is the current Larson family member to play for the Cubs and is the son of Steve Larson. Stories from Wrigley centers on the 2008 baseball season and the 100th anniversary of the Cubs last World Series championship and is told in a series of stories by Amy Larson, the daughter of Steve Larson who works for the Chicago Sun-Times. Stories From Wrigley has three story lines in the book – the history of the franchise, the Larson family, and its involvement with the Cubs since 1906 and the 1908 Cubs baseball season from a fictional standpoint.

This book is for every fan that has loved the Cubs and shared in the triumphs and heartbreaks of the team, for every fan that has wanted to know more about the Cubs history, and shares in the faith that one day the Cubs will win the World Series again. As a lifelong Cubs fan Marcus Blake tells his passionate historical fictions story of the Chicago Cubs since 1906 as only a true baseball and Cubs fan can tell this story.

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Trying to commit suicide, Lisa is sent to a Psychiatric Hospital by the police for a 10 day evaluation. In those 10 days she is forced to face her personal demons. She will learn to see the truth about herself. Dr. Emily Bennett, a woman with a brutal past of her own is the doctor sent to treat her. During the evaluation the doctor begins to see parts of her own shaded past within Lisa’s case and that’s when she find’s the cure for Lisa to be set free after ten days. The key to freedom is for both of them and it is about acceptance and the strength to move past their own denial. Over ten days they both will be forced to face their past so they can be unlocked from the prison that has been created for them . For within that lies the strength to move beyond the lonely girl they each have become.

The story of the lonely girl is about acceptance; accepting the things that we cannot control and learning to live beyond our own circumstances. We each have a choice- we can be a victim, filled with excuses or we can rise above the bad things that happen to us so we can live a happy life. The story is also about finding the strength to face the demons of our past for when we do that’s when we find the voice of salvation. This is a true human story and everything in the story is based on real life people and events.

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Sex, love, distrust, and a looming curiosity is the battlefield for which the game of love is played. It’s a game of curiosity for the players as they make their way through the sex games of dating in the 21st century. This is the story of 10 people as they date and try to find love in the modern age while their lives are intertwined with one another. As told by Trinidad, owner of the local bar that they all visit in their spare time, Sex Game centers on four stories with multiple themes that convey one question- what does it take to find true love in the modern age. The characters will love, betray, distrust, give up, and fight for what they believe is their true love, while making hard choices along the way. In the end these characters will play the sex game with curiosity. Sex Game: A Game of Curiosity is a satirical and enduring story of finding love in the modern age while making hard choices along the way. With marriage in a decline, divorce as common as the air we breathe, and all the different ways to meet people through a variety of dating services Marcus Blake’s story explores the different scenarios that people go through to find true love and the many satirical tragic events that they go through to get there. This book is Marcus Blake’s story that poses two very important questions when it comes to dating today-what does it really take to find love and what are we willing to do for it?

Sex Game is a satirical and enduring story of finding love in the modern age. With marriage in a decline, divorce as common as the air we breathe, and all the different ways to meet people through a variety of dating services Marcus Blake’s story explores the different scenarios that people go through to find true love and the tragic events that they go through to get there. This is Marcus Blake’s story that poses two very important questions when it comes to dating today-what does it really take to find love and what are we willing to do for it?

the RED edition is a special edition of the book containing information on the characters and a quiz readers can take to determine what their “Sex Game” is. This special edition also contains a preface by the author on the history of the book titled “What’s Your Sex Game?” In addition the RED edition is also the award edition of the book – Sex Game is a National Literary Awards winner from the National Literary Foundation. the RED edition has also come to be known as the banned version since Sex Game has been named as one of the most censored and banned books since 2007 when it came out.

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A young man turning 21 years of age is told a story by his father; it is the story of his family and how he came to be named after his great grandfather. The story starts in 1992 with a man by the name of Mitch Collins sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for the bad news that he’s going to die. With only a few months to live he embarks on a journey across America to see some things for the last time and to say goodbye. He has lived a hard life with an estranged family, but he’s lived a full life. Accompanying Mitch on this journey is his grandson who he helped raise and a young woman in search of her true meaning. For Jonathan he will learn the truth about his grandfather and learn to live beyond the anger and resentment he’s had for him. For Mitch he will find the forgiveness and redemption he’s been looking for all of his life. Along the way theses three travelers will find one important truth, no matter where we go in life we all eventually return home.

Returning Home is about redemption and finding forgiveness even when the madness of our lives comes crashing down upon us. It’s also about doing what it takes to make things right in our life and how the strength and love of our family can save us in our time of need. This is Marcus Blake’s poignant novel about family and the tragic events that surround family relationships; it is dramatic realism centered on the human condition that evolves within the family unit.

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My Reflections” is simply the observations of life by the author. This book is a collection of Marcus Blake’s earliest stories, poems, and essays from the beginning of his writing career. It is the deep reflection of the joy and the pain of life; it is the careful examination of human nature in living the life given to us.

This book consists of four short stories by Marcus Blake. Its also contains a collection of his poetry and an essay titled The American Experience: Seen Through a Writer’s Eyes The stories are titled, The Window, A Spanish Serenade, The End of the Letter, and Soul Kitchen.

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In a little Chicago Blues and Jazz Club the most extraordinary thing will happen for two people. Rick, the piano player at The Blue’s Note, will find the second chance he’s been looking for while Liz, a young artist, will discover her own meaning of life. For where life can change for the best there is a place that provides a little bit of magic to help in that change. People come from all around to The Blue’s Note for a life changing experience and like Rick and Liz they discover one of the greatest thing…”The Music of Life.” The story is about finding our own meaning of life in whatever form it comes. The two central characters are both looking for second chances and in the end they have to choose the right thing to do when getting a second chance. The Music of life is also about finding what makes us truly happy and if we can do that while loving someone at the same time. This book is a novel and a play.

The Music of Life is Marcus Blake’s first novel. It was first published in 1999 as an eBook and also featured as a novella and a Play. Also featured is the sheet music to the theme song for the novel, “There’s Somebody Like You” written by Marcus Blake

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